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SOJO Health and Wellness 

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Outreach for the Arts and Education 

Out of Box Field Trips 

SOJO strives to improve the health and wellness of youth by offering two classes

• HIV/AIDS Awareness Education: provides education on HIV, how it is contracted, how it can be prevented, how and where to get tested, and more

• ​Hip Hop 2 Wellness: addresses childhood obesity by involving the family in making healthy changes in diet and encouraging physical activities in a fun and adaptable manner for youth of all ages 

SOJO connects youth with the outdoors, art in the community, and agency-sponsored youth conferences and events. Some of the activities include:

• Community plays

• ​Local festivals and special events 

• Martin Luther King Jr. train ride

• ​Meet-and-greets with positive international celebrities

Youth Development Through the Arts

The museum has several programs that focus on youth development and leadership, including: 

• Save Our Boys: a mentoring program for boys ages 7-18 focusing on life skills and positive guidance 

• Girls Knit 2 Prevent: a substance abuse prevention program for girls ages 12-17 using art as a tool 

• Still I Rise Youth Development: encourages teens to consider the arts as a career path and offers job information, aid, mentoring, internships, and more. 

• In Pursuit of Truth: a violence prevention program the provides stress awareness workshops for youth utilizing art therapy 

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Museum tours, classroom talks, and workshops are linked with the California Department of Education's K-12 Curriculum and Standards in Social Studies, English and Language Arts,  Art History, World Languages, and other subjects. Students will participate in:

• Historical reenactments

• ​Interpretative tours of exhibitions

• Workshops

• ​Community events and festivals