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Florin Business Arts Complex is home to over 50 African American owned and operated businesses and non-profit organizations.  It is a gem in Sacramento that is dedicated to diversifying businesses across several different verticals. 

This business complex hosts the African Marketplace every other Saturday!  

Shonna McDaniels, a visual artist and community activist, envisioned an institution to preserve Black history and celebrate the accomplishments of African American people and their legacy. As a result the previous name of Sojourner Truth Multicultural Art Museum changed to Sojourner Truth African American Museum. We offer resources to document, preserve and educate the public on the history, life and culture of African Americans.

Our mission is to open minds and change lives through the exploration and celebration of African American history, experiences and culture through art education and outreach. Our vision is of a world in which the adversity and achievement of African American history inspire everyone toward a greater understanding of acceptance and unity!

The museum is named for Sojourner Truth who, although born a slave, worked tirelessly for abolition, women’s rights, non-violence, and civil and economic advancement of oppressed people. The museum gives homage to Mrs. Sojourner by expanding the historical & biographical knowledge of her life’s work and carrying on her mission by teaching, demonstrating and promoting projects that accentuate the ideals and principles for which she stood.


Shonna McDaniels

Shonna McDaniels founded the Sojourner Truth Art Museum in 1996.  In addition to her Executive Director duties, she is also a professional artist, teacher, muralist and community activist. Prior to 1996, McDaniels was one of the co-founders and artists of the Visual Arts Development Project, teaching art classes, conducting workshops and organizing art exhibits throughout the Oak Park and Del Paso communities. Though the museum is based in South Sacramento, it’s legacy throughout the Sacramento region is renowned to grass roots organizations, professional artists, politicians and the business community. McDaniels’ contributions have been recognized by Council members Lauren Hammond, Bonnie Pannell, Larry Carr, as well as Mayor Kevin Johnson, Congresswoman Doris Matsui, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The museum programs are dedicated to creativity and social change within the context of an evolving, healthy community.




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